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Johnathan Mitchell
CEO of Mitchell Marketing

Partnering with Pafi AI has truly been a game-changer for my business. The 20% recurring commission I receive from referring new clients provides a significant boost to my revenue. It's an amazing opportunity!

Samantha Hayes
Content Writer

Joining the Pafi AI partnership program has been a fantastic decision. The lifetime recurring commissions are a great addition to my income.

Michael Thompson
Software Developer

The Pafi AI referral program has been a significant factor in my growth. I've invited friends in the industry, and the 10,000 credits I receive for each referral has made this collaboration extremely rewarding.

Emily Richardson
Social Media Manager

Pafi AI's partnership program has transformed my income stream. The generous commission structure from referring clients is a great addition to my revenue. I can focus on my work without financial stress.

Richard Collins
SEO Consultant

Collaborating with Pafi AI has been a wonderful experience. The 20% recurring commission from referred clients has significantly contributed to my income, and I'm grateful for the financial stability it provides.

Laura Morgan
Head of Graphic Design Team

Pafi AI has been a remarkable partner. I've invited several team members to join, and the 10,000 credits we receive for each referral have been key drivers of our professional growth.

Benjamin Adams
YouTuber & Content Creator

The Pafi AI partnership program has provided me with a unique competitive advantage. I've referred numerous clients, and the 20% recurring commission I receive has proven to be a valuable revenue stream.

Grace Lee
Freelance Copywriter

Working with Pafi AI has been an outstanding experience. Their partnership program has not only boosted my income through the 20% lifetime commission structure but has also allowed me to connect with like-minded professionals in the industry.

Thomas Cook
E-commerce Specialist

The Pafi AI partnership program has become an integral part of my success in the e-commerce world. I've invited several of my colleagues to join, and we've all been thrilled with the financial rewards from the 20% recurring commission. It's a great way to earn passive income while also sharing an outstanding AI platform with others.

Alexander Martin
Web Designer

The Pafi AI referral program has been a truly rewarding experience for me. By inviting fellow web designers and clients to the platform, I've been able to generate a steady stream of credits, earning 10,000 credits for each referral. It has not only benefited me by increasing my account balance, but it has also strengthened my professional connections by sharing this valuable resource with others.

Isabella Green
Blogger & Influencer

My partnership with Pafi AI has been a major asset to my blogging career. The exclusive deals and lifetime commissions have helped me grow financially.

Sophia Hill
Video Producer

My collaboration with Pafi AI has been nothing short of amazing. The partnership program is an excellent opportunity to earn a substantial income through the 20% lifetime commission on referrals. I've encouraged many of my friends in the industry to join, and we all appreciate the financial boost it's given us.

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How does the Pafi Partnership Program work?

The advantages of becoming a partner with Pafi

Special Link for You

When you become a partner of Pafi, a special referral link is created for you. You can track everything through this link.

Just Sharing Your Link is Enough

Just sharing your personalized link is enough, Pafi will take care of the rest of the tracking for you.

Lifetime Commission

With Pafi's exclusive partnership program, you can earn a 20% commission for as long as your referrals maintain their subscription.

Pafi Always Supports its Business Partners.

Ready-made Marketing Content

Pafi regularly shares various types of content such as social media posts, email templates, videos, and more with its business partners to support their marketing efforts.

Automatic Commission Tracking

Pafi makes it easy for its business partners by automatically tracking all their referrals and accurately attributing commissions. This saves time for the business partners and ensures they are paid their commissions promptly and accurately.

Special Support for Business Partners

Pafi provides a special support team to assist business partners in difficult situations. Pafi continuously strives to ensure that business partners do not face any difficulties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pafi AI?

Pafi AI is a text-based AI platform specializing in SEO-friendly content generation with over 100 features for various digital marketing applications.

Is Pafi AI paid?

Pafi offers a free trial for everyone, and you can switch to a paid plan later to access its full potential at any time.

What makes Pafi different from the others?

Pafi offers more features and competitive pricing compared to other platforms like Jasper, WriteSonic, Rytr, and CopyAI it listens to user feedback and constantly develops new features for better support.

What is the difference between Pafi AI and ChatGPT?

Pafi AI provides users with more features in an easier-to-use manner than ChatGPT, without requiring extensive commands. Pafi also continuously updates its knowledge base for ongoing improvement.

What features does Pafi AI offer?

Pafi AI offers features such as Facebook ads, Google ads, viral tweet ideas, product descriptions, call-to-action email templates, and much more.

What languages does Pafi know?

Pafi is proficient in numerous languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian.

Are the created contents copied or genuine?

Pafi AI, trained on over 100 billion parameters, generates completely original content with grammar and expression closely resembling human writing, ensuring 99% originality in its output.

Is an annual subscription mandatory?

No, you can choose a monthly subscription to benefit from Pafi's intelligence as needed.